Riding at Cortijo Los Lobos in beautiful Andalucia

Previous customers have told us that the riding here at Cortijo Los Lobos is hard to beat for terrain and views. We have open fields, cool shady pine forests, olive groves and streams. For any of you who are nervous of heights, don’t worry, there are no very steep, narrow mountain paths. All the tracks are wide and we don’t ride on roads, (with the odd exception of a quiet country road if it links one track to another). The riding is all about relaxing and enjoying the spectacular countryside in the company of a horse. Our horses are kind and sure footed and we will ensure that we find the right horse for you and your requirements. If you love horses but don’t want to ride, or perhaps even don’t believe that horses should be ridden, why not take a horse for a walk in hand instead, they always enjoy a little grass picnic

Barefoot and Bitless riding

Horses are by nature gentle, sensitive creatures.  Over centuries, man has often abused and misunderstood these wonderful animals.  At Cortijo los Lobos we believe that horses deserve to be treated with kindness and understanding at all times. Our horses all live together in a family group and we try to make their living conditions as natural as possible. Their happiness is very important to us and their comfort and well being is our priority. We train using positive reinforcement and ride without bits or shoes.  We do not agree with the use of whips or force of any kind.

Please note – if you are only interested in riding hard and fast and your enjoyment comes before the horses well being, we are not the place for you.  Our ethos is definitely happy hacking with the emphasis on enjoying the scenery.