Lola is  suitable for all abilities

Lola is a beautiful bay mare with a luscious silky black mane.  In the first few years she was with us she was a great horse, we soon got her ride able and trustworthy enough to use for guests, in fact she developed the nick name ‘Slola’ as she has such a slow, relaxed walk.  She was a great addition to the herd, good for nervous riders, but if I ever needed to use her myself  as a lead horse she could be encouraged to walk faster, and she had a fantastic, fast canter, so was an all round useful horse. Unfortunately, about 5 years ago we had an unfortunate experience which traumatised her but after a lot of time and understanding, she is now happy to be ridden again and is good for children and beginners on a lead rein

I can’t use Lola for clients at the moment as she still reacts when she comes to the site of the original incident and I can’t rely on the rider getting her away quick enough.  Every spring, when we have girls working here, she starts to be ridden, and is often a favourite with teenage girls, but just when it seems that she is almost over her phobia, and going out regularly without problem, the helpers leave and we end up back to square one.  This year I am determined that we will crack the problem once and for all as Lola is a lovely horse and I do not want to give up on her.  Meanwhile, she leads a very happy life of early retirement – she’s not silly!