Leo is suitable for all riding abilities.

Leo was our first ever foal, and to us in some ways he will always be our baby. He was very strongly bonded to his Mum, Lucy, for 16 years, choosing to be with her over all of the other horses. (Sadly, we lost Lucy in 2018). He does have a good relationship with his own off spring, especially Spirit, but it was hard for him for  while ,without his Mum.

Leo was a lovely foal, very easy and good natured, but thinking back, of course he was – he had his mum for his love and milk and as he got older, a nice supply of mares to keep his hormones happy! By the age of one he was off making babies one minute and back to Mum the next – talk about have your cake and eating it!

We hadn’t quite realised that horses could be fertile at only a year, and by the time his first foal, Spirit, arrived, we also had 3 more foals on the way! Though we had tried to have him gelded in the spring of the year he turned one, the vet decided to leave it until the autumn but we ended up leaving it until the following spring. Never mind, our happy little accidents proved to be a blessing in hindsight, they have given us a lot of joy and are now a fantastic addition to our riding business.

Leo loved his milk and we eventually weaned him, aged four, alongside his last foals, by putting him in an adjoining paddock, but when we reintroduced them back into the herd, Leo was the first one trying to suckle – what a big baby!