Irene is suitable for light weight riders of all abilities, she is a favourite with children.

Irene  came to live with us in the autumn of 2014 when we were told she was about 19. She is our guests favourite , it is just a shame that she is quite a small horse and now that she is older only children can ride her.

She is not the most glamorous looking horse but she really is a delight to ride, totally trustworthy but full of energy, often having little trots to keep up with the others (much to the delight of the children riding her) as she likes to be at the back of the ride.

Irene is very settled in our herd and is great friends with Bracken the Shetland pony . As she is getting quite old now she has extra food away from the herd and knows that she gets an extra bowl of food after a ride too – if we don’t bring it quickly enough she will start to beg with her front foot, she does look very cute. She also loves a roll in the sand every day and a cosy stable to sleep in at night if the weather is bad , but will tell us what she wants and prefers to be outside otherwise. She is quite an opinionated old lady, we really love her quirky character.

Irene is a favourite with children.