In 2012, with the financial impact of the recession still affecting us, I wrote this book to help feed our rescue animals. It is the story of our move to Spain in December 1999, with our 3 children and introduces a lot of our animals that have joined us over the years.

If you are interested in our lives here on the farm or just want to support us then please have a read :) .  (available for kindle or in paperback. We do have paperback copies for sale too, so please ask if you are holidaying with us)

Buy my book here


Are you celebrating a special birthday , anniversary or other event in 2020/21 ?  We can help you celebrate!

Here at Cortijo Los Lobos we love to host a party.  We can accommodate around 20 people and are happy to cater for many more, if you have friends or family staying locally and would like a party.

Tell us what you would like and we would be happy to tailor make a package for you. Remember, you do not have to be riders to enjoy a holiday at Cortijo Los Lobos, we welcome non riders too. All dietary requirements catered for .


We have some amazing courses coming up this year.
As a special offer for January, book one place and get the second half price – perfect for friends or partners attending the course together.  * example – clicker training course 550 euros per person,  with the special offer this would bring the price down to 412.50 euros each, based on 2 people sharing a room, for 3 nights accommodation, all meals, airport transfers and the course which includes around 6 to 8 hours of horse time including a picnic ride to end the course in style .  Book one course or stay to enjoy two different courses, where course dates allow (a further discount applies if you book more than one type of course).
Bookings have started coming in and places are limited so don’t miss your chance to enjoy a fun horsey break in the stunning mountains of inland Malaga, Southern Spain, with heated pool, Jacuzzi and stylish and comfortable accommodation. Our friendly horses, a lot of them rescued look forward to meeting you!
23rd to 26th April  -Fun in the sun – come and learn how to read your horses body language and communicate with them . Click on link here:-
8th to 11th May  – Introduction to clicker training.  Click on link here:-
12th to 15th May – Connecting with your horse through simple bodywork.  Click on link here:-
17th to 20th June  – Riding confidence course.  Click on link here:-
20th to 23rd June – Pilates for riders.  Click on link here:-
23rd to 26th June  – Barefoot trimming course. Click on link here:-

We still have our lovely El Granero Viejo cottage available for Christmas and new year.  Only 600 euros per week or 90 euros a night , come and enjoy a cosy cottage with pellet burner, winter walks or rides in the mountains followed by a dip in the hot Jacuzzi.  Have a meal in our beautiful farmhouse dining room or sample the many restaurants in the village. Pop down to Malaga to see the stunning Christmas lights and enjoy the festive atmosphere.



Sarah Oliver of Jayne Cooney of Just hooves will be travelling to Cortijo Los Lobos
To run a 2 day/3 night course on hoof care.

Tuesday 23rd to Friday 26th June 2020
23rd arrive, welcome 3 course evening meal ,24th, 25th – course, 26th leave

An informative course on the variety of factors that contribute to the equines hoof form and function, including the digestive system, stress, the environment, pain ,the equines body and conformation and how to make small changes that can ultimately make a big difference to barefoot horses. (with breaks when needed)
Demo trims on horses, looking at what can safely be trimmed off without compromising the horses soundness. Safe tool handling and safety under horse will also be covered. With very careful guidance and instruction participants will have the opportunity to carry out a maintenance trim on a hoof.

Free time – The option to go horse riding (20 euros per hr),walk our stunning mountain trails, enjoy the pool and Jacuzzi.
See photos of previous course here :-


Price is 390 euros for 3 days/nights including accommodation
breakfast, lunches and evening meals, airport transfers, use of pool, Jacuzzi
(price based on two people sharing a room – single room supplement 40 euros per night)
For an extra 70 euros per night people are welcome to come and stay as many extra nights as you want before or after the course to combine cheap flight deals. The price includes evening meal, lunch and breakfast, based on two people sharing a room.

Non course participating friends or partners welcome, for people wanting to make a holiday of it, subject to available space. 250 euros

Places for the course are limited to 8 people
Airport transfers are included from Malaga airport

Please note flights are not included in the price.

See photos of previous course here :-

*for a full horsey experience, why not come earlier to attend our Pilates for riders course from 20th to 23rd June

or our riding confidence course from 17th to 20th June
*10% discount if attending 2 or more courses

Equipilates™ helps you to become the rider your horse would choose.
Ready to learn something new and become a better rider?
Using specific Equipilates and Franklin Method imagery and exercises we will give you the tools you need to improve your riding and become the rider your horse would choose.

This course is suitable for all levels & riding goals which will include fun and effective exercises both on and off the horse to;
•improve your alignment and symmetry in the saddle,
•improve movement patterns to apply effective aids,
•improve your stability and force absorption
•improve focus and mindset

So if you would like to feel more confident about your riding, more effective and comfortable in the saddle this is the course for you.

Price per person 450 euros
Price includes airport transfers, (from Malaga airport) 3 nights accommodation based on 2 people sharing (single room supplement of 40 euros per night) all meals and wine with evening meal, approx 6 to 8 horse hours during course , use of pool and Jacuzzi. Riding is available for your spare time at 20 euros per hour

If you wish to stay longer, before or after the course, for a relaxing holiday and/or to find cheaper flights, add 70 euros per night for accommodation and meals. Non participating or spectating friends or partners are welcome. (non participating price 250 euros)
Price based on 2 people sharing a room – single room supplement 40 euros per night

The course:- Arrive at Cortijo Los Lobos on the 20th June , in time for a welcome 3 course meal , where we can all get to know each other and discuss the course.
21st and 22nd – course days, comprising of Pilates exercises by the pool and ridden session each day
Leave on the morning of 23rd June ( can be flexible, to suit flight times)

Or ..for a more relaxing break and to complete your horsey experience, stay longer and attend our fantastic barefoot trimming course from 23rd to 26th June
or come earlier to attend our riding confidence course :- 17th to 20th June

10% discount if you attend 2 or more courses

See event on facebook

We are delighted to welcome back the ever popular Tracey Cole for the 3rd time!  Tracey’s previous courses have been very successful – if you want to overcome your riding confidence issues, Tracey is here to help.

See photos of previous course here :-  ,

Make 2020 the summer that counted. The summer where you learnt confident riding and unlearnt the doubts, what ifs and anxiety. The summer you found a new trust and bond between you and your horse, because you changed how you think and how you act. Join us on this 3 night/2 day rider confidence course. Begin to enjoy your riding and the freedom to ride the way you know you really can.

The training starts by opening up the mind to change, persuading the mind that there is another way to ride. Then we begin to change unhelpful habits and create a new way of thinking and riding. Together we remove old perceptions and giving you the mental tools to be confident, no matter your riding goals, how long you’ve felt ill at ease or how the fears were established.

This is a fun, fully supported learning. You are taken through different techniques and then taught to do them for yourself. You will learn methods to apply whilst mounted or unmounted, so that you can maintain your newfound confidence at home as well as on holiday! More than that, you learn quick, easy and effective techniques to call upon when you’re in the saddle, as well as a variety of unmounted mental preparation techniques.

My name is Dr Tracey Cole and I’m an accredited Trainer and Master Coach of NLP (neurolinguistic programming), Hypnotherapy and Time Line Therapy™.
As a former nervous rider, particularly when it came to hacking, mounting, competing, jumping (actually, almost everything!), I was amazed that I overcame my fears using these techniques. That was something that happened to other people. I thought my mind was too stubborn and my nerves too ingrained to ever really enjoy all aspects of riding. I thought that I should know my limits and that other people went out and about enjoying their rides. I always had a huge feeling of relief when I got off and I mistook that for enjoyment!! Whilst I was actually on the horse, well, I was sometimes frozen like a statue wondering why I put myself through it. Using a combination of techniques, I was very, very surprised (and delighted) that I overcame my fears – to the extent that I couldn’t get them back!
Price per person 550 euros
Price includes airport transfers, (from Malaga airport) 3 nights accommodation based on 2 people sharing (single room supplement of 40 euros per night) all meals and wine with evening meal, plus approx 8 horse hours , which includes horse interaction and riding during the course and a picnic ride on your last night, (subject to weather)
Please note flights are not included in the price but are usually cheap when booked a few months in advance. Non participating friends or partners are welcome. (non participating price 250 euros
*extra nights 70 euros per night including meals

*Even better – why not attend our other fantastic courses, for a longer holiday, to make the most of your flight prices :-
Pilates for riders – 20th to 23rd June
Barefoot trimming course 23rd to 26th June

*10% discount if you attend two or three courses

We have really been enjoying riding the new river routes this summer.  It has added a lot of interest to the rides, with slightly more challenging terrain to navigate, narrow paths, low trees, it is a really fun ride for the more experienced riding guests. The horses seem to love exploring the new trails and nothing phases them.